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DuPage County Issues



  • Currently there is only 1 Democrat out of 18 board members.    Single party government serves the party, NOT YOU                                                            DuPage needs new voices on the County Board.   In 2016 17 Republican members voted themselves a $2000 pay raise, bringing total salary for the PART TIME position of Board Member to $52,000.  Only the current Democrat, Liz Chaplin, voted against this raise, and is sending the raise back to the County General Fund. If elected I will be donating the raise to Bridge Communities of Glen Ellyn 

  • Improve the DuPage County ACT (Accountability/Consolidation/Transparency Initiative                               DuPage County has announced the ACT initiative.  This is a good start,  but we need to do even better.

  1. Reduce the County Board from 18 members to 12, a savings of over $300,000 a year (not including benefits.) 

  2. Downsize/eliminate TOWNSHIP GOVERNMENTS                                            Local consolidation should consider the duplication of services for roads,  property assessments, and social services by 9 Township governments.

  3. Reduce/Eliminate the FOREST PRESERVE BOARD.                                                       In the past 20 years we've seen the County Board downsized from 24 to 18 members, but then we saw the creation of the Forest preserve board and the addition of a chairman and 7 board seats. Do we need 7 DuPage Forest Preserve Board members since 2003 at a salary of $52,000 each?  Hundreds of thousands of tax dollars could be saved. 

  4. Reduce and then eliminate outsider County Lobbyists.                                                        Currently DuPage County spends around $300,000 of your tax dollars on outside lobbyists.   On the Glenbard District 87 High School Board where I've served the past 8 years we meet with our own elected representatives.  We are also part of a consortium which advocates for our interests, but  have no budget for hired lobbyists.  Well qualified elected DuPage County Board members, who are receiving $52,000 of your tax dollars, should be able to advocate for you.  I have and will continue to be that advocate for you. We also need to examine campaign donations to Board members and other elected officials from vendors who do business with the County and lobbyists. 

  5. Increase Board Accessibility and Representation                                               Since I won the Democratic March 2018 primary I have attended many committee and regular Board meetings.  However, these meetings are all held on Tuesday mornings.  I believe at least one board meeting a month should be held in the evenings so more constituents can participate.  I will also hold meetings at our local District 4 libraries to discuss current Board issues and how they affect District 4. 


  • Protect and improve our transportation system in DuPage County        Throughout the United States  we face aging transportation system infrastructure; the viability of our roads and public transportation systems are at risk.  We need both great roads and strong public transportation for DuPage to continue to grow and prosper.  As a Board member I will stand up for proper use of RTA funds, and make sure they go to the transportation projects that will keep both our surface roads and public transportation system strong.  

  • Support Connect DuPage                                                                                                                         In 2017 DuPage County announced "Connect DuPage," the first Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) ever initiated by the County.  This long range plan for both surface and public transportation will help to plan for future growth through 2040, and will coordinate planning and funding efforts with other Chicago regional planning agencies.  With my background in transportation planning I completely support efforts like Connect DuPage as a way to anticipate future needs and best spend scarce federal, state, and local transportation dollars. 

  • Alternative Transportation                                                                                                                 I've lived next to the Illinois Prairie Path for 32 years and see just how much these trails are used and enjoyed by DuPage residents.  We should encourage more multi-use trails, and work to fund engineering studies for and eventual completion of the East Branch DuPage River Trail, which would provide a link between the Great Western Trail, the Illinois Prairie Path, continue past Morton Arboretum all the way to Lisle. 


  • Support the DuPage County HOPE (HEROIN OPIOID PREVENTION AND EDUCATION) Task Force.                                                                                                                                                                                                 Deaths from Opioid abuse have increased from 51 in 2015 to 81 in 2017, and the deaths continue.  The DuPage Health Department has been actively involved in distributing Narcan to save lives, and to educate the community about Opioid abuse. In 2017 DuPage County joined 5 other suburban counties suing Opioid manufactures.  More must be done in DuPage to continue to educate and develop more treatment for this now-epidemic. 

  • Encourage and educate the community about Health Department Programs

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